Hamburger Fatty Melt

Hamburger Fatty Melt

Welcome to Dad Can Cook.  There is still a lot of construction going on but if I wait untill everything is perfect then nothing will ever get posted.  We will get started with a simple dish that will have you smacking your head and saying “why didn’t I think of that?”.

When I first saw the photo of a Hamburger Fatty Melt in the A Hamburger Today collumn at Serious Eats I knew that I had to run into the kitchen and make one.  Whoever first thought of using two grilled cheese sandwiches as a bun for a burger is an evil genius and I would like to shake his spatula.

There really is no recipe for this masterpiece, you just need to assemble the following:

Step 1:  Two grilled cheese sandwiches:  Start with four slices of Pepperidge Farm Ultra Thin sliced bread, four slices of cheese and softened butter.  Butter the bread, place two slices of cheese in between two slices of bread and cook on a griddle till golden brown.  Due to the thinness of the bread these grilled cheese sandwiches will cook very quickly, so keep an eye on them.  Regular sized bread will make the sandwich mega-thick and will overwhelm the taste of the burger, so it is best to stick with the Ultra Thin bread.  

Step 2:  Grilled hamburger patty:  I used an 8 oz. 80/20 ground chuck patty, seasoned with salt and pepper, that was grilled in a cast iron pan.  I think that the size of the burger slightly overpowered the grilled cheese so next time I will use a 6 oz burger.  Making the perfect burger is much to important to briefly talk about here and requires a full post, so stop back next week when I will be discussing everything that you need to know about making the perfect burger (meat selection, seasoning, how to cook ….). 

Step 3:  Place the grilled burger between the two grilled cheese sandwiches, insert in mouth and experience burger nirvana.

The combination of grilled meat, melted cheese and toasted bread was perfect.  You always have the option of embellishing the sandwich to your liking.  Of course the usual toppings (bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion, ketchup…) can be added but I think this sandwich was just right without any flavors fighting with the meat and cheese.

I am off to try and figure out how WordPress works so hopefully this place starts to look like a food blog and not a construction site.

Preview of tomorrows topic:  Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.