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I guess that this is where I can write a little bit about me.  The most facinating subject that I can think of.

In the restaurant world I have waited tables, tended bar, managed restaurants and owned restaurants.  Those jobs were fun but then it dawns on you that you need to make money instead of a living.

I started this blog, yes it is a work in progress, to write about food.  People have asked what point of view I will write from.  Vegetarian?  Kosher?  Natural?  Quick?  Desert?  After a lot of thought I realized that I wanted to write about food that I liked, which cannot be pigonholed into one specific genre.  Will I use fresh natural ingredients? Yes, but if a frozen, packaged or some prepared item can be puchased to make my life easier but still turn out a great meal then I’ll do it.  My wife is a Vegetarian (still can’t figure out why she married me) so there will be many vegetarian dishes or meat dishes where I can offer Vegetarian alternatives.  My favorite kitchen activity is baking, so there will always be recipes for cakes, cookies and muffins.

Lately I noticed a lack of good cookbook reviews that objectively talk about cookbooks.  Most “reviews” are just a re-write of the book jacket or a few paragraphs copied from a press release.  When you haven’t tried to make some of the recipes,  gush about what the writer owns or where he/she has appeared then how can you even call those reviews?  I get angry when I purchase a cookbook written by a TV personality, famous chef, big name restuarant owner or famous cookbook name and discover that the recipes can’t be recreated at home, require expensive,obscure ingredients or you need to hire a team of kitchen staff to prepare.  Weekends will be the days when I post my opinions on some cookbooks that are available at your local book store.  Watch out this could get ugly!


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  1. Love the hamburger! It’s two of my favorite things combined into one. Hell yes!

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